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Year-Round Commercial Parking Lot Paving Services

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No matter what season it is, your commercial parking lot could end up needing service. Sbergio Bros. Limited offers year-round paving and repair services to ensure that your parking lot is always safe and looking its best. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your commercial parking lot in Woodbridge, Toronto or anywhere in the GTA.

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Commercial Parking Lots

Paving and grading commercial parking lots can be an arduous process, one that requires experts who know precisely what it takes to do a flawless job. Below you’ll find the steps we take to ensure that each parking lot we work on receives top-quality service.

  1. Asphalt gets removed and hauled away from parking lot. Sub-base gets inspected for soft spots, and if any are found, we excavate by 12" and a new foundation is created with 9" of new 3/4 crushed stone and compacted with heavy-duty vibrating compacting rollers.

  2. During the sub-base preparation, we inspect all catch basins and replace any rings that are damaged. Also, we test drains to ensure there are no leaks or erosion in the concrete drains. New topping of 3/4 crushed stone gets placed on top of the whole parking lot for grading purposes and is compacted.

  3. We take out the elevations with our transit levels to ensure 100% water flow. Paving process starts with 4"of heavy-duty compacted asphalt, known as Multi-Use Asphalt Paving. The first coat of asphalt, which is called the base coat, is paved with 2" of HL8, a heavy stone type of asphalt.

  4. When the base coat is completed, we supply and spray a bonding agent called SS-1 Tack Coat Asphalt Glue to the surfaces of the base coat to ensure proper bonding when the top coat gets applied. This will ensure a longer lasting pavement on parking lots during the freeze and thaw cycles, which in turn lessens the stretching of the asphalt and water entering the sub-base to prevent premature sinkage.

  5. Once the bonding agent is applied, we pave the final top coat with 2" of HL3 highway surface mix asphalt, known as high stability mix, the highest grade of surfaces.

  6. Lastly, we check and log compaction ratio using a nuclear gage, which will ensure that we meet or exceed 98% compaction. In paving, this is the most important rule of thumb.

Our extensive experience as a general concrete and paving contractor in Woodbridge has allowed us to expand all over Ontario and provide the same leading service and quality work that has been our differentiation since 1984.

Reliable Paving Solutions

Have your commercial parking lot paved exceptionally.

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