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Parking Lot Resurfacing and Paving Services

parking lot resurfacing and paving

At Sbergio Bros. Limited, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with top-quality services. If your commercial parking lot in Woodbridge or the GTA is in need of resurfacing or paving repairs, we’ll have it looking like new in no time. Our parking lot resurfacing process involves a number of carefully monitored steps to ensure consistent quality.

  1. We inspect all surfaces and identify all troubled spots like low areas and heavily cracked asphalt in parking lots or roadways. We apply asphalt glue to the surfaces to ensure proper bonding. We then resurface areas to meet existing grades. The areas of sub-base failure will be saw cut and removed from the parking lot or roadway.

  2. The sub-base is excavated and rebuilt with 12" of new 3/4 crushed stone and is compacted. We will re-pave areas with heavy-duty asphalt (2" HL8 and 2" HL3) to meet existing grades before we resurface the parking lot or roadways.

  3. Where applicable, we grind all high spots using a rotto mill and/or saw cut and remove dirt where necessary. This will ensure a smoother, even surface when joining the asphalt to adjacent perimeters. This also will prevent the asphalt from separating and eliminates any possible tripping points.

  4. Once all the main preparing is complete, we power clean the entire parking lot or roadway, just like you would see on municipal roads, with street sweepers or industrial blowers, depending on how dirty the surfaces are. This will ensure the asphalt bonds to the surfaces once the asphalt glue is applied.

  5. When all surfaces are completely dry and cleaned, we apply a bonding agent called SS-1 Tack Coat Asphalt Glue to the surfaces with a special spray wand system to ensure a proper even coat.

  6. We start the resurfacing procedures. Depending on the elevations we are dealing with, in most cases we will resurface areas with 1 ½” to 2" of HL3 Highway High Stability Mix. This is a highway roadway surface mix and is a highly recommended resurfacing asphalt.

To see if parking lot resurfacing or roadway resurfacing is for you, call us anytime. We believe in using top-quality materials to ensure a longer lasting pavement.

Parking Lot Resurfacing & Paving

Enhance the aesthetics of your parking space with our reliable paving services.

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