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Year-Round Roadway Paving

roadway paving

Properly constructed and maintained asphalt roadways can last upwards of 20 to 30 years. To achieve the most longevity out of your roadway, Sbergio Bros. Limited will help you select the right thickness and quality of asphalt for the job. For more information on our commercial roadway paving services, give us a call today.  

What Type of Asphalt Do I Need?

The answer to this question depends on the traffic your roadway will experience. If heavier vehicles will be driving on it, thicker asphalt is required. On the other hand, if the traffic will mostly just be regular cars and personal vehicles, you can get away with a lighter duty layer.


(3" of Compacted Asphalt):

For regular car use only. For example: churches, offices, suspended floors and many more.


(4" of Compacted Asphalt):

For parking lots with multi use-vehicles, such as bus routes, fire routes, disposal truck service areas and many more.


(5" of Compacted Asphalt):

For heavy industrial logistics companies carrying heavy steel, cement, and for tight turning radius areas and many more.

Roadway Paving Services

Choose the right materials and professionals for your roadway paving project.

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