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Parking Lot Crack Repairs

CRACK repair

Replacing a large section of pavement can be expensive, and unless the damage is severe it is rarely needed. Sbergio Bros. Limited offers full parking lot crack repair services, as well as hot rubberized crack repairs. The application of the rubber compound not only fills in the cracks in the pavement, but it also helps to seal it from further damage.

Parking Lot Crack Repair Process

  1. We inspect the asphalt and identify all cracks that need to be repaired and sealed.

  2. Then we rout cracks in the asphalt pavement by using heavy-duty industrial crack chasing routing machines by a depth of 1/2" by 1" 1/4.

  3. We seal the cracks with a mobile crack seal cart and over band the cracks so it will have a complete seal, stopping water from entering during the freeze and thaw cycles.

  4. Traffic is allowed 15 minutes after application. For minimal disturbances a fine dusting of powdered lime stone can also be applied so that the traffic can move at once.

  5. Due to the routing of the asphalt surfaces, there will be asphalt grinding debris. We will include a power cleaning service and blow asphalt grindings to the curb side.

Our extensive experience as a general paving and concrete contractor in Woodbridge has allowed us to expand all over Ontario and provide the same leading service and quality work that has been our differentiation since 1984. Call Sbergio Bros. Limited in Woodbridge today to schedule an appointment.

Parking Lot Crack Repairs

We provide efficient pavement crack repair services .

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