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Manhole Repair Services

manhole repair

Manhole Repair Procedures

  1. We saw cut around the catch basin and dispose of the asphalt off-site. We then excavate downwards and expose the foundation and drain system to ensure that no leaks are running through it. Optional camera inspection services are available.

  2. Then we will inspect all the catch basin risers to see if any are cracked or have come apart. This mainly happens from the freeze and thaw cycles. In some cases they sift and collapse from lack of water draining. If any catch basin risers are needed, we will install and replace any broken catch basin rings and adjust to proper levels to ensure a proper drain flow.

  3. Once the catch basin is adjusted to proper elevations, we then backfill excavated areas with new clean 3/4 crushed stone and compacted to 4" below existing grade.

  4. We re-pave the area(s) with heavy-duty specifications 4" compacted asphalt with road-grade asphalt.

  5. Once our repairs are completed, we then rout and seal the edges of asphalt repairs and apply a hot rubber joint seal. This will add many years of a maintenance free catch basin.

Call Sbergio Bros. Limited for manhole repair services in Woodbridge and the GTA.

Manhole Repairs

Get effective manhole repair solutions in Woodbridge.

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