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Year-Round Parking Lot and Pothole Repairs

parking repairs

No matter how well it was originally installed, your commercial parking lot is inevitably going to need repairs at some point. Whether it’s minor cracks or potholes, Sbergio Bros. Limited has the skills and experience to have it looking like new in no time. Our parking lot repair procedure involves a number of carefully monitored steps to ensure consistent quality:

Our Concrete Paving Process

  1. We inspect and identify all suitable asphalt repairs. Once we determine which asphalt repairs are getting done, we will spray paint and mark the spots.

  2. Then we will start to saw cut the repairs in straight edge forms, using special heavy-duty road cutting machines.

  3. After saw cutting the areas of asphalt, we remove asphalt and dispose of the scraps off-site.

  4. The sub-base gets inspected for soft spots. If any are found, we excavate by 12" and a new foundation is created with 9" of new 3/4 crushed stone and is compacted with heavy-duty vibrating compacting rollers. In some cases, depending on the use of lot, we may have to build sub-base areas with up to 16" of gravel.

  5. We start the paving process with 4" heavy-duty asphalt as per MTO road specifications. The first coat of asphalt, which is called the base coat, is paved with 2" of HL8, which is a heavy stone type of asphalt.

  6. Once the base coat is completed, we will then supply and spray a bonding agent called Tack Coat Asphalt Glue to the surfaces of the base coat to ensure proper bonding when the top asphalt coat gets applied. This will ensure a longer lasting pavement during the freeze and thaw cycles, which in turn causes less stretching of the asphalt and water entering the sub-base.

  7. Once the bonding agent is applied, we pave the final top coat with 2" of HL3 highway surface mix asphalt to all proper grades and slopes. Once the asphalt cools down, we final proof roll with heavy-duty vibrating road rollers to ensure a solid compaction ratio.

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Commercial Parking Lot Repairs

Maintain your commercial parking space ideally with us.

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